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Team vs Venue Time
1st 1st Brickpit Stadium Ct 1 11:15am
2nd 2nd Brickpit Stadium Ct 1 10:00am
3rd 3rd Brickpit Stadium Ct 1 9:00am
4th 4th Brickpit Stadium Ct 3 12:00pm
5th 5th Brickpit Stadium Ct 3 11:00am
6th 6th Brickpit Stadium Ct 3 10:00am
7th 7th Brickpit Stadium Ct 3 9:00am
8th 8th Brickpit Stadium Ct 2 1:00pm
9th 9th Brickpit Stadium Ct 2 12:00pm
10th 10th Brickpit Stadium Ct 2 11:00am
11th 11th Brickpit Stadium Ct 2 10:00am
12th 12th Brickpit Stadium Ct 2 9:00am
16A 16A SGS Gym # 1:00pm
16B 16B SGS Gym # 12:00pm
16C 16C SGS Gym # 11:00am
16D 16D SGS College St 1 12:00pm
16E 16E SGS College St 1 11:00am
16F 16F SGS College St 1 10:00am
16G 16G SGS College St 1 9:00am
16H 16H SGS College St 1 8:00am
16I Bye
15A 15A Brickpit Stadium Ct 1 1:00pm
15B 15B Brickpit Stadium Ct 1 12:00pm
15C 15C Barker Junior MPH 9:00am
15D 15D Barker Junior MPH 10:00am
15E 15E Barker Junior MPH 11:00am
15F 15F Barker Junior MPH 12:00pm
15G 15G Barker Junior MPH 1:00pm
15H 15H Barker Junior MPH 2:00pm
14A 14A SGS Gym # 10:00am
14B 14B SGS Gym # 9:00am
14C 14C SGS Gym # 8:00am
14D 14D SGS College St 2 11:00am
14E 14E SGS College St 2 10:00am
14F 14F SGS College St 2 9:00am
14G 14G SGS College St 2 8:00am

Team vs Venue Time
1st XI 1st XI McKay No 1 10:10am
2nd XI 2nd XI Weigall 1 10:10am
3rd XI 3rd XI BC Rosewood Oval 1:30pm
4th XI 4th XI Reg Bartley Oval 9:00am
16A 16A Reg Bartley Oval 1:30pm
16B 16B BC Rosewood Oval 9:00am
15A 15A Moore Park Wicket 8 9:00am
15B 15B Weigall 4 9:00am
15C 15C Weigall 4 1:30pm
14A 14A Weigall 2 1:30pm
14B 14B Weigall 2 9:00am
14C 14C Taylor Field 1:30pm

Team vs Venue Time
Training Training Weigall Pavilion 8:00am

Times shown below are the times boys are required to be at the Boatshed.

Departure times are as follows:

Senior Crews and Year 10 VIIIs: 10am

Year 8 and Year 9 Quads: 10:30am


Team vs Venue Time
Senior VIIIs & IVs Training Boatshed 6:00am
Year 10 VIIIs Training Boatshed 6:00am
Year 9 Quads (Form II) Training Boatshed 7:30am
Year 8 Quads (Form I) Training Boatshed 7:30am

Team vs Venue Time
Group I Training SGS Gym 9:00am
Group II Training SGS Gym 10:00am

Team vs Venue Time
Taekwondo Training Wyllie TKD Centre 9:00am

Team vs Venue Time
1st 1st SBHS Cts 1-4 12:15pm
2nd 2nd Weigall Cts 1-4 12:15pm
3rd & 4th 3rds & 4ths Parklands Tennis Cts 8:00am
5th & 6th 5ths & 6ths Parklands Tennis Cts 10:00am
7th & 8th 7th & 8th Parklands Tennis Cts 12:00pm
16A & 16B 16A & 16B SBHS Cts 1-4 8:00am
16C & 16D 16C & 16D SBHS Cts 1-4 10:00am
16E Internals Weigall Cts 5-6 10:00am
15A & 15B 15A & 15B Moore Park Cts 1-4 8:00am
15C & 15D 15C & 15D Moore Park Cts 1-4 10:00am
15E Internals Weigall Cts 5-6 10:00am
14A & 14B 14A & 14B Weigall Cts 1-4 8:00am
14C & 14D 14C & 14D Weigall Cts 1-4 10:00am
14E Internals Weigall Cts 5-6 10:00am
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